VNVR - Kingdom of the Netherlands United Nations Security Council Candidate 2017 - 2018

"The Netherlands cannot win a seat on the Security Council without the support of the 127 states which have endorsed the Humanitarian Pledge to stigmatize, prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons. This is an historic opportunity for states committed to nuclear disarmament to use their influence to force real change." 
- Richard Lennane, Chief Inflammatory Officer, Wildfire>_


The Security Council is the paramount body of the global community responsible for international peace and security, so it is important that its membership reflects the growing global commitment to a world free of nuclear weapons. The Netherlands is currently an obstacle to nuclear disarmament, maintaining hypocritical policies and obstructing efforts to delegitimize and outlaw nuclear weapons.

Wildfire>_ is encouraging states that are committed to nuclear disarmament on humanitarian grounds to vote against the Netherlands in the 2016 Security Council election, unless the Netherlands joins the Humanitarian Pledge, takes concrete steps to begin reducing its reliance on nuclear weapons, and provides transparency reports to the NPT on the nuclear weapons kept on its territory. 


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What is a nuclear weasel state?

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A Nuclear Weasel State is a country that is a non-nuclear-weapon state party to the NPT, but which is in a nuclear alliance with a nuclear-weapon state, and thus depends on nuclear weapons for its defence. Some weasels, including the Netherlands, even have nuclear weapons on their territory. Weasels include NATO members, Australia, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Weasels claim to support nuclear disarmament, but work to undermine promising disarmament initiatives.